June 15, 2023

April 4th 2023

We wish our wonderful tenor, Mark Hawkins, a VERY


Happy Birthday!!! 

June 7th 2022
It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of our beloved tenor singer, Tim Harden, this morning, Tuesday June 7th, around 5AM.

His voice has now been added to the Heavenly choir praising his Saviour whom he sang for here on earth all of his life... 55 years of which were with the Watchmen Quartet.

We know we will see him again one day soon. But he will be sadly missed.

Please pray for his family: Jackie, Jeff + Eva, Jeremy + Tasha and their children. The Watchmen would appreciate your prayers too.

Celebration of Life service was held on June 25th at Bethany Missionary Church in Kitchener, where the quartet originated and where Tim & Jackie attended for the last few years.

May 25th 2022


Dear Watchmen Friends,


Further to the last note about Tim Harden's health, his wife Jackie has created a page at the CaringBridge website where you can get the latest updates on Tim. 

Here's the link:



We appreciate all your love and prayers for Tim & Jackie. If possible, please include the Watchmen in those prayers as we do not know what the future holds for our ministry....but we KNOW Who holds the future. 

May 21st, 2022


Dear Praying Family  & Friends:


Passing on the latest update.  

On Friday of this week we received a more elongated call from Dr. Husien, our primary specialist who deals with liver cancer.  We were grateful for this as we had lots of questions. He took time to address questions and then he gave us four options that we were free to choose.

He said we could choose to do nothing,  in which case they would work diligently to keep me as comfortable and pain-free as possible for the rest of my life. Then he said we could choose to have general Chemo Therapy and that might slow down the progress of this tumor and it’s metastasis to other areas of my abdomen. He once again pointed to my very high cancer marker count in my blood. (In a normal heathy person it is an average of 8.4, but mine was 90,340!)  He said that almost always means the cancer has spread.

Next he pointed out that he could and would do surgery if we ask him to, but then he cautioned us:

  1. My other health issues like a history of heart problems and type 2 Diabetes along with my age would make it very high risk surgery. He said you could die on the table and you’d be very susceptible to infection and / or uncontrollable bleeding. He said my tumor was larger than they originally thought and that he would have to remove too much of it to count on regeneration. He also explained that when London Health Services looked at my files he had sent to them, their liver transplant specialist team said right away that I was not a candidate for a transplant. They didn’t like my high cancer marker count or my health history.

He made it clear that he didn’t think this option was wise


The next option would be to use a T.A.C.E. approach to treat the tumor.  What is T.A.C.E.?  Transarterial chemoembolization or TACE places chemotherapy and synthetic materials called embolic agents into a blood vessel feeding a cancerous tumor to cut off the tumor's blood supply and trap the chemotherapy within the tumor.  It is often chosen in late stage cancer, and while there is not much hope of eradicating the cancer, it can impede the progress and give you more time.


We have chosen this last option with Dr. Husiens’ encouragement and experience. The paperwork to get things rolling is happening as of this note. Not sure how long this will take.


I have not had a good week this week and came very close to a 911 call last night.  Around mid-night I had a sudden urge to purge, and I lost the little I had eaten on Friday.  I then had a coughing-spell that left me with searing pain and extreme discomfort.  I soaked my t-shirt with sweat and have been in great pain since then. 

I received a very kind gift of a “Walker,” this week.  This will help to steady me when I walk. 


I’m finding grace and encouragement in the Lord each day, and the outpouring of love and prayers on my behalf has moved me greatly. I’ve gone on for a long time here and maybe told you more than you wanted to know. Jeff and Eva left Smithers in northern BC, Thursday night and this morning they were in Winnipeg. They should be with us on Monday which is a great blessing. They will only stay for a few days and they then will drive back home.  I am so very grateful that Jeff, Eva and Jeremy & Tasha have made the sacrifices to come all that distance to see me again, Jeremy in Feb. Jeff this week.


Love and blessings to you,


Tim & Jackie 




April 13th, 2022


Dear friends of the Watchmen,

Our beloved tenor singer, Tim Harden, is going through a difficult time right now. Here are the details, in his own words, from a recent note he sent out on April 11th. We ask that you keep Tim and his wife, Jackie, in your prayers.



"Just to bring you fully up to date along with the quartet who is copied on this.  I went three weeks ago to emerge at St. Mary’s hospital and spent the whole day there.  I was in excruciating pain and after a full abdominal Ultrasound, the internist in emerge told me I did in fact have some gall stones and he was going to recommend a specialist, a Dr. Sanders for further treatment planning.  He also told me that day that he was actually more concerned about metastasis lesions or spots on my liver.  So Dr. Sanders booked me for an MRI and a CT scan, both of which I had last week and both of those tests confirmed their concern for my liver.  Dr. Saunders said it looked very much like cancer to him and he ordered an Ultrasound specifically on my liver and also at that time they would do a biopsy.  I’m still waiting to hear from the hospital as to when this will happen.  Dr. Sanders also referred me to Dr. Mohamed Husein, a liver specialist and surgeon.  He looked at the first Ultrasound, the CT scan and the MRI and told me, “So you have liver cancer!”  He ordered specific bloodwork and urinalysis with the liver in mind.  Those results reached resulted in my doctor, Dr. Tracy Bausmer telling me that all of the tests and especially the blood work she got on Monday were confirming to her that I had cancer.  Jackie was with me when she spoke to me.  She also said I also have other markers for cancer, like little blood clots forming in my lungs that give me these random times of difficult breathing and then my heart moves into angina mode and I have to take my Nitro Glycerin. 

She ordered another CT scan on my lungs which will happen on Wednesday of this week. She told me that the times when I experience severe pain will increase in the days to come and she adjusted my medications and prescribed a stronger pain killer.  I three very bad days with severe pain last week and thankfully it went back to a manageable ache for the past 5 days or so. My personal Dr. told Jackie and me that I have liver cancer on Monday after viewing the specific blood work.  She is a believer and she asked if she could pray for me at the end of our appointment and she prayed a beautiful prayer on my behalf."  



The webmaster regrets that this notice was only entered on our Facebook page and missed being added here. Kindly forgive this oversight.



It is with deep sadness that The Watchmen announce the Home Call of Lena Succi, the dear, sweet wife of our bass guitarist Nick Succi. Lena's battle with cancer for several years is finally over and she is now with the Lord Jesus whom she loved dearly. She is rejoicing with no more pain and suffering...BUT please remember our dear brother Nick who will surely miss her. Please keep him in your prayers over the next weeks and months. Due to the

 current pandemic restrictions, funeral arrangements were difficult to arrange




The Watchmen are VERY sad to announce the passing of our Bass Singer Emeritus, Mr. Dave Yake around noon on Wednesday, Feb 12th 2020. Dave was an integral part of the Watchmen for over 40 years and had to finally leave the group when his health declined due to several strokes. He is gone but will not be forgotten. His pains are over and he is Home with the Lord he loved and served.

David Yake's Funeral Arrangements are as follows:
Visitation Friday February 21st at the Henry Walser Funeral Home, 507 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON N2B 2A5 2 to 4pm and again from 6 to 8pm. Then again Saturday Feb. 22nd at Faith Evangelical Missionary Church, 3849 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2P 2E8 from 12 pm to 12:45 pm, followed by the funeral service in the sanctuary at 1 pm Pastor David Jantzi and Pastor Tim Harden officiating. An obituary will be posted shortly at Hoping you can join us to honour the memory of our friend and fellow-Watchmen, David Yake.


The Watchmen are saddened to learn of the passing of our dear brother Reed Sellwood. He and Kathy were very well known in southern gospel music circles in the Ontario area during the 70s 80s and 90s and beyond. They were involved for many years with the Canadian Gospel Music Association (CGMA). Please pray for Kathy and the family at this time of their earthly loss. We are all grateful that Reed is now in the presence of his Lord whom he loved and sang about for so many years. He is now singing with all the saints on the other side of Jordan. He will be missed.

Funeral details here>>>

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Sept. 1st 2019...The Watchmen continue to request prayer for Lena Succi, the wife of our bass guitarist Nick Succi. She has been experiencing complications from the cancer and chemo. Nick informs us the cancer has gotten progressive with some internal blockages developing and the current chemo regimen is being altered to something new. Please continue to pray for both Nick and Lena. Nick has not been able to be with the quartet for some time as he continues to support Lena with multiple weekly trips to Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.


Dear Watchmen friends,

We are asking for prayer for Lena Succi, wife of our wonderful bass guitarist, Nick Succi. Lena has recently begun her 3 round of chemotherapy in her ongoing battle with cancer. She is handling this with grace and charm but is suffering the effects of the chemo. Please uphold both her and Nick at this time in your prayers. Prayer changes things!!



The Watchmen are pleased to announce the latest item to our product table. It is a book done entirely by Kay Jantzi, the wife of our baritone, Dave Jantzi. Kay has taken every beautiful photo that is in this book AND she has also written all the lovely thoughts expressed with those photos. This is a most excellent coffee table book and one that will delight you and your guests who might pause to read it. We highly recommend you get a copy either from our Watchmen product table after a concert or directly from the website shown below. Just click the photo to see a larger version to read the web address and contact information.

The Watchmen are sad to announce the Homecall of Doug's dear wife, Lois Jones who most of you know has battled Stage 4 cancer for the past 5 years. The Lord decided she has suffered enough and called her home on May 25th, 2017. Please remember the Jones family in your prayers at this time of sadness and loss.

It is with sorrow the Watchmen announce that one of our former baritone singers, Mr. Dave Chapman, has passed away on Thursday. Dave was a member of the Watchmen Quartet for many years and one of our recorded projects was done at a studio he previously owned called “Cedartree Studios”. Dave had many interests. He was a prolific guitarist and an avid hang glider among his other interests. He was our baritone singer on both “The Power and the Glory” and “One More Day” projects. Details for the funeral can be found at the following link...

Wedding Announcement

The Watchmen are excited to announce the marriage of our bass guitarist, Nick Succi, to the lovely Lena Kuchiak in a small private ceremony in Markham on August 4th. We congratulate this lovely couple and wish them God's richest blessings as they begin their married life!!

June 1st 2015 UPDATE - We are thrilled to report that Lois completed her 6 chemotherapy treatments on May 14th and is now working at gaining her strength back as the chemo drugs leave her body. We are so grateful to the Lord for his hand of blessing on touching her body and giving her much improvement in recent weeks. We're also SO grateful for all the prayers of the saints who held her and Doug up daily. The days ahead are looking brighter as we now take aim at having her on our Watchmen cruise to the Lands of the Bible in October 2016...which happens to co-incide with Doug & Lois's 40th wedding anniversary!!


March 20th - UPDATE - Lois has now passed the halfway point of her chemotherapy treatments. It's too soon to truly know the outcome but things are progressing satisfactorily, though not without more pain and nausea this time. Lois was able to attend the wedding of Bradley & Brittany and it was a wonderful day. Please continue to remember Lois, Doug and their family in your prayers. It is VERY much appreciated.


Jan 31st - We are praying for Doug's wife, Lois, at this time. She has, just this week, begun a new round of chemotherapy treatments for her Stage 4 cancer that has come back. Her last treatment was back in 2012 and she has been doing reasonably well until this past month or so. Please uphold Lois and Doug at this time. Their youngest son, Bradley (23) is being married on Feb. 7th to a lovely young Christian girl, Brittany Lawson. They are excited about the wedding. Please pray that Lois will have good strength for the wedding day especially. 


It is with mingled joy and sorrow that I announce the passing of my mother,  Margaret Edith Rachel Harden, (Rolston) 10PM, Friday evening, August 15th, 2014 at the Grand River Hospital in Kitchener.  Mom was 92 years … plus two days, old!  She had a wonderful life and was an amazing person every capacity.  She will be deeply missed by her adoring family. 

The funeral will be at Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church, on the corner of Chapel St. and Lancaster Street in Kitchener on Thursday morning August 21st at 11AM.  Visitation will be held at the Erb and Good Family Funeral Home, 171 King St. S., Waterloo, Tuesday evening 7-9PM; Wed. 2-4PM and 7-9PM.   At Mom’s request, in lieu of flowers, memorial donations to her favorite churches would be appreciated.  Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church where she was member for many years, or Rosebank Brethren in Christ, where she attended for the past eight years since her son Tim was pastor there.  Thank you for your prayers and support at this time.

Tim Harden

Exciting Announcement


2013...The Watchmen are delighted to announce our two new members (L to R)...Mr. Don McNiven (Piano) and Mr. Roy Lewis (Bass vocal). Both these men are a welcome addition to the ministry of the quartet. Please visit the "Meet the Members" page to read their individual bio's and get to know these men. Watch for upcoming concerts in your area and be sure to come along and hear the "new" Watchmen in person. We thank God for answering our prayers and bringing these great gentlemen to us, allowing the music of the Watchmen to continue. We look forward to singing some of our regular favorites as well as some new songs too!

MARCH 13th 2013

We rejoice that it has already been one year since Lois's last chemo treatment. The cancer has taken a toll on her stamina and strength, but we are delighted to report that her most recent check up today indicated that she is doing quite well and we are thanking the Lord for this good report.


MARCH 13th 2012

It is will joy that we announce that today was the final chemotherapy for Lois. She has been a trooper all the way. Her counts were all excellent with her CA125 cancer marker dropping all the way down to 16...this is remarkable. The doctor had said it would likely never go below 37 where it had been holding for several weeks (0-35 is the "normal" range). So she now is feeling the effects of this final chemo...fatigue, jitters etc. But we are trusting that after the regular 7-10 days, she'll be on the mend. We are SO THANKFUL for all your love and prayers throughout this ordeal. When possible, please remember us in prayer still further that she has a long life ahead with no recurrence with this awful disease. God is good and we thank Him most of all for His healing touch on Lois, with the assistance of medications and surgeries. PTL

JAN 22nd 2012

Lois's surgery went well. It lasted just under 3 hours - about 1/2 of what had been anticipated. The planned removal was accomplished and no new cancer sites were located! This is indeed good news and we are so grateful to everyone who was praying for her during this time. She is not cancer free, of course, but this is a major step in her progress. We are thankful for the chemotherapy that seems to have done it's work in shrinking the cancer. But most of all, we know this is the hand of the Lord and would ask that you continue to keep Lois and the family in your prayers. She will continue with the remaining chemo and have a follow up in about 2 months to see where things are at. By then we will receive the pathology reports of all that was removed.


JAN 2012

Lois had her "pre-op" visit at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto on Wed Jan 11th. We were given all the instructions of what needs to be done prior to the surgery...special washes for the skin and altered diet on the days leading up to surgery. Her surgery (cancer "de-bulking" and complete hysterectomy) is scheduled for the early morning (7AM) of Friday, Jan 20th. They anticipate it will be a 4-6 hour surgery followed by at least a one week stay in hospital. We are asking the Lord to guide the surgeon's hands and that the outcome will be the best we could hope for. When fully recovered, Lois will complete the chemo regime they have her on (2 final treatments). Your prayers will be VERY much appreciated. 

OCT 2011

Lois Jones, the wife of Doug Jones (Watchmen lead singer) has just received a diagnosis of advanced Stage Four Peritoneal Cancer. Lois has begun a 6 to 9 month chemotherapy regime. Please uphold Lois and the entire Jones family in your prayers at this difficult time. Updates will be posted here from time to time.

Brian Winger, Watchmen Pianist for 43 years is retiring!

The Watchmen are also very sad to announce the retirement of Brian Winger who has been the Watchmen piano player for most of the groups' 44 year history. He will be playing his final concert with the Watchmen on November 9th in Niagara Falls. If you can attend, be there to wish him well.


He will be sorely missed by the quartet. It is currently uncertain what the group will be doing moving forward. Please pray for Brian as he pursues other musical and personal interests. We wish he and his wife Patsy all the best.

Dave Yake, Bass Singer Emeritus, departs the Watchmen Quartet!


We are sad to announce the departure of Dave Yake from the Watchmen. His health has declined significantly in the past 3-4 months and it has become necessary for him to leave the group. He is now a full time resident at Fairview Mennonite Home in Cambridge. Please remember to pray for Dave as he makes the adjustment to this lifestyle. So far, he is absolutely loving it. Also please remember his dear wife and long-time Watchmen supporter, Linda (Chic) Yake. The burden of Dave's audio business, Yake Engineering Services (YES) is now in her lap as well as what she will be doing with the family home.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Yakes. Dave will be greatly missed since, as most of you already know, he is the only original member of the group who has never left, even for a short time. Dave had a serious stroke back in 2004 but had managed quite well until recently.

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